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After a lot of changes I am still here.


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With extensive knowledge of business  I have spent  two decades at the “Coal face” of IT engineering, managing, identifying, capitalising, and improving bottom line results by enhancing sourcing, procurement, and supply management within leading UK and global organisations, both large and small, at all strategic and operational levels, regardless of industry.

A brief collection of recent key accomplishments:

INNOVATION – i invented a cloud before it was called the cloud, client had issues backing up so I ran a cloud service with a custom program allowing them to back up to the cloud, years before the cloud ever existed.
DIRECTOR – leading the business to new directions, advising large diverse and complex organisations through transformational changes
TECHNICAL – With not only an understanding of the overall goal, an unrivalled technical knowledge of all aspects of IT and Communication and Transmission technology
EXPERIENCE – 30 years of successful projects



Management | project completion | communications | computer implementation | web design | bespoke systems| training | team building | negotiations | strategic change | planning | tactical execution | project management | change management | business process re-engineering | business transformation | people capability development | reporting & analytics | cost reduction | operational efficiency | outsourcing | business strategy | business transformation | leadership.


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